Singing in Chinese, French and English, Beilei represents an emerging generation of recording artists whose music maps a new geography. Born in Wenzhou, China and raised in Paris, France, her artistry is a passport that transports her worldwide.

In 2010, Beilei was selected to compose and record a theme song for the French Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, an event that is projecting over 70 million visitors – the largest ever attendees in the history of world fairs. The song will be the musical backdrop for 2010 Chinese couples that will be married in the Pavilion. Additionally, Beilei’s full-length release In Between Two Worlds, will be available there for purchase.

Profoundly influenced by R&B, soul, funk, hip-hop and pop, Beilei found little encouragement for her musical aspirations from her traditional, business-oriented Chinese family. “So I got into this world with obstinacy and faith,” she notes.

Both traits have served her well: she studied voice with France’s most distinguished vocal coaches: Richard Cross, Armande Altai and Yaelle Benzaquen; signed to management, and came to the attention of executives at Columbia, Virgin, Ariola, EMI, and EMC Records. She released a well-received debut single, but the industry’s insistence on packaging her as an exotic China doll was in direct conflict with her career aspirations. "Industry people wanted an Asian sound with a Asian face. I wanted to sound like me and not express my roots through my music as a marketing tool...this is too cliché --My face already tells enough of my ethnicity."

Still, there is no denying that Beilei’s stunning visual appeal is eye-catching and distinctive. A consummate performer, she been spotlighted at music festivals throughout France. In Morocco, she was featured on a tour sponsored by Meditel (Mobile Oil), where she performed in 13 beach cities for audiences of thousands of listeners. It was in Paris that she met her future partner U.J., a guitarist and leader of a multicultural band. When he offered Beilei a spot fronting a group, she returned to Shanghai, China for three years of steady gigging – 300 nights per year.  Although this experience was invaluable, she wanted to learn more about the business side so she went to the source, enrolling in the Music Business Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California where she was named student of the year.

Now in Shanghai where she has founded a company, Soulway Productions with U.J., it all comes full cycle. With the release of In Between Two Worlds, she tells her story in words, music and narration. Naturally, the first three singles are in three languages: "My One & Only" in Chinese; "Zaijian" in French; and "Losin' Control" in English.

But it doesn’t require a mastery of languages to appreciate Beilei. World-class vocals, captivating songs, and unlimited possibilities: the sound of Beilei is the sound of the future, where language, ethnicity and gender will ultimately be eclipsed by the power of the music.


January 1

Beilei performs Tianjin TV Chinese new year show, watch

November 15

2011年11月15日,Beilei’s first christian single “Home Again” ft. Shanghai International Church Choir is on iTunes now! iTunes

October 5

Check out Beilei’s unplugged performance, click here

August 1

Download Beilei’s remix of a chinese classic from 50’s. iTunes

July 1

Beilei performs a chinese classic on Zhejian TV Watch Here:

April 2

Beilei performs at the HAINAN Rendez-Vous on the 2 April in Sanya

December 31

Beilei will perform at Shanghai Xintiandi’s annual New Year’s Eve celebration!

December 26

Losin’ Control Remix EP is on iTunes now Download here.

December 8

Beilei is featured in the Citroën C5 commercial in China click here.

December 8

Citroen C5 Gala Dinner


Contact :  贺雨佳 UJ
Cell: 15000789942